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From: Marker510 at aol dot com
To: rromasko at earthlink dot net, list at gti-vr6 dot net
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] dynamat
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 15:47:18 EDT

I've been installing Dynamat (and Scoche's products) with excellent results
for years. I've found on the newer cars, the doors and rear wheel well areas
are ideal candidates. It's added weight, but does make a difference in sound
level and quality.

On Mk1 and Mk2, I recommend just about everywhere, 2 layers on the floor.
On Mk3 and Mk4, generally doors and rear fender wells are all you need.
Hatch area helps, but on newer Golfs/GTis, spray only... no other room to

Some tips:
1. Heat gun is a must. Cheap is OK.
2. Small wooden roller saves fingers.
3. 2 layers are often better than one! (except for weight)
4. On doors, do inside panels and outer door skin.
5. Glue (hot glue) edges, and use duct tape.
6. Take your time and do it right. On average, when I sell these products,
it's almost always over $300. worth (sometimes way more!), so it's an
investment you want to do correctly to maximize results and investment.

Hope I've helped,
Mark Rosenkrantz
Marker510 at aol dot com