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Will 225 R1s fit?

From gti-vr6-owner@dev.tivoli Sun May 10 20:42 CDT 1998
From: David E ...... <d.......@.....uky>
To: Chris Franson <cfranson@neca>
Subject: R1's and suspension(SPAX/Shine/GC) stuff(was Re: [gti-vr6] R1 Sizing?)
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 21:41:15 -0400 (EDT)
Cc: GTI-VR6 list <gti-vr6@dev.tivoli>

On Sun, 10 May 1998, Chris Franson wrote:

> Folks-
> Is there anyone running 225/50-15 Comp T/A R1's out there? As Arthur
> mentioned, 205's are currently on backorder and I'd like to get a set of
> something that fits before the coming weekend. Thanks for the info.

They fit and I use them.  They will, however, rub *slightly* on the inside
all around, removing the undercoating.  Who needs it in the summer,
anyways, eh?  Also, they will rub on the passenger front feder lip in
*tight* left corners.  Basically what happens there is the fender lip sits
down onto the treadface of the tire, rubbing away a ~1/8" wide strip of
paint...BFD, just touch it up in the rainy/winter months.

These observations were made with '95 GTI-VR6 running 225/50-15 R1's on
the stock wheels.  Car was equipped with SPAX 24-ways and 60mm drop with
Shine Racing rear sway bar and Autotech rear stress bar.

This weekend, said car was given a Ground-Control conversion on the SPAX
24-ways with 400-lb front and 300-lb rear springs.  Ride is firmer than
with the SPAX springs.  Some(my fiancee) might say nauseating over
interstate dips.  I don't care, car, and I like it.  Body roll
is greatly reduced(by half) from SPAX/Shine level, which was already very
small.  Dive and squat are now nearly zero.  I will give a full report
after the McKamey school this weekend.

Has anyone out there with the Shine setup actually disconnected their
front sway bar as recommended?  If so, e-mail me with your feedback, as I
am considering doing that this week before the school.

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