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Wider Wheel & Smaller Offset

Wider Wheel & Smaller Offset

As mentioned eslewhere, I now have TSW Concept 2 wheels, 17x7.5, shod with Yokohama AVS-Intermediate 215/40 ZR 17 on my car. The wheels has an offset of 30mm. The new wheel/tire makes the wheel/tire stick out more:

[Animation of going from narrow wheel to wider wheel.]

Original pic courtesy of The Tire Rack

The wheel/tire sticks out past the fender lip by a tiny bit. I strongly suspect that there is some rubbing when the suspension is fully compressed.

Head-on view of driver's side tire This is what the new wheel/tire combo looks like on my car. As you can see, the tire stick out a bit and will rub on full compression, which thanks to the springs, don't happen too often.

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