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Wheel Weights From

Wheel Weights, From

The following info was translated from the Adobe Acrobat documents on the Web site, with the author's permission.
Wheels, by name Stock wheels Aftermarket 0-9, A-F Aftermarket G-L Aftermarket M-R Aftermarket S-Z
Wheels, by size up to 13" 14" 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" & larger


Shaper SunlightCast16x7.517.2
Shaper TwilightCast16x7.518.3
Shaper TwilightCast17x7.521.8
Simmons F-SeriesCast17x1023.8
Simmons OM-SeriesCast18x926.5
Smith's Wheels HighlanderCast18x928.0
Smith's Wheels InfinityCast17x723.0
Smith's Wheels TwisterCast18x829.5
Sparco CromodoraCast16x720.5
Speed Star ZxpeedCast18x827.0
Speedline CompetitionCast18x8.524.0
Speedline Prodrive 7Cast17x722.5
Speedline RaceCast17x1019.0
Speedline Routa/GT1 LiteCast18x7.518.5
Speedline StreetCast17x1025.0
SpeedLite Racing FormulaCast17x721.5
Speedy Wheels Atix-5Cast17x718.0
Speedy Wheels BalticCast17x7.522.3
Speedy Wheels G-ForceCast20x8.535.3
Speedy Wheels LongchampCast18x7.527.4
Speedy Wheels NexxusCast18x7.525.3
Speedy Wheels OctopusCast17x718.8
Speedy Wheels Race ModeCast15x6.513.2
Speedy Wheels Race ModeCast16x716.1
Speedy Wheels Race ModeCast17x717.6
Speedy Wheels Sports-RCast15x6.513.9
Speedy Wheels ToskanaCast17x724.0
Spoon Sports SW388Forged15x6.58.6
Spoon SportsForged16x711.9
Spoon SportsForged16x812.9
Sport Edition Fox 2Cast17x721.6
Sport Edition Fox 2Cast18x7.523.0
Sport Edition Fox 5Cast18x823.0
Sport Edition TeknoCast18x823.0
Sport Edition TeknoCast19x831.4
Sportiva LibertyCast19x831.0
Sportiva ModenaCast18x8.526.0
SSR Agle StrusseSSF/Spun19x1232.0
SSR De ColteSSF17x919.8
SSR GP-ThetaSSF16x819.0
SSR GT1SSF16x715.0
SSR GT1SSF17x716.5
SSR GT1SSF17x7.517.5
SSR GT1SSF17x817.8
SSR GT1SSF17x918.3
SSR GT1SSF18x7.517.8
SSR GT1SSF18x819.0
SSR GT1SSF18x919.7
SSR GT3SSF/Spun18x824.6
SSR IntegralSSF16x715.5
SSR IntegralSSF16x816.9
SSR IntegralSSF17x717.0
SSR IntegralSSF17x818.0
SSR IntegralSSF17x918.8
SSR IntegralSSF18x820.0
SSR IntegralSSF18x920.0
SSR MK-IIISSF/Spun15x712.2
SSR RF FirrenzeSSF/Spun16x818.5
SSR S1SSF17x716.8
SSR SchumacherSSF/Spun15x712.5
SSR SchumacherSSF/Spun16x715.0
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF15x68.0
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF15x6.58.6
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF15x79.2
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF15x7.59.6
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF16x711.0
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF16x812.1
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF17x7.513.0
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF17x814.3
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF17x8.515.3
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF17x915.6
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF17x9.515.6
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF18x7.514.5
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF18x815.0
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF18x917.0
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US)SSF18x9.517.7
SSR Type-MSSF15x6.511.0
SSR Type-RSSF16x711.5
SSR Type-VSSF16x713.0
SSR Type-XSSF15x6.510.5
SSR ViennaSSF/Spun18x8.522.3
Starform BaselCast17x721.6
Starform BaselCast17x824.3
Starform Real Racing Model IIForged17x7.513.4
Starform Real Racing Model IIForged17x8.514.1
Starform Real Racing Model IIForged17x9.515.0
Starform Real Racing R2Forged15x6.59.7
Starform Real Racing R2Forged15x79.9
Starform Real Racing R2Forged17x7.514.1
Starform Real Racing R2Forged17x8.514.8
Starform Real Racing R2Forged17x9.515.7
Stark MSForged14x57.3
Stark MSForged15x69.5
Stark MSForged15x6.510.1
Stark MSForged17x7.514.6
Stern Aguzze-S07Cast15x713.4
Stern Aguzze-S07Cast16x714.8
Stern Aguzze-S07Cast16x816.1
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged17x714.3
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged17x7.514.0
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged17x814.0
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged17x915.3
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged18x7.516.5
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged18x8.516.5
Stern Aguzze-S07RForged18x9.516.8
Stern AxiaCast19x9.531.0
Stern IntertouringCast17x823.5
Stern LeacherCast17x723.5
Stern Mach IIICast15x713.5
Stern Mach IIICast16x714.5
Stern Mach IIIForged17x7.514.0
Stern Sports Line LIIvaForged/Spun17x721.5
Sti RS-ZeroForged17x7.515.7
Stillen GTVCast17x922.5
Stillen GTVCast18x821.6
STR RS16Cast17x720.8
STR RS17Cast17x719.5
Superlight 3-Piece UltralightCast15x6.514.3
Superlight MLCast13x5.512.8
Superlight MLCast13x713.2
Superlight MLCast13x813.9
Superlight MLCast14x615.0
Superlite Japan 2-Piece (very rare)Cast/Spun15x616.0
Superlight SportsCast10x4.57.9
Superlight SportsCast12x59.0
Superlight SportsCast13x610.0
Superlight SportsCast13x711.0
Superlight SportsCast13x813.0
Superlight SportsCast14x614.3
Superlight SportsCast15x617.6
Superlight SportsCast15x719.6
Superlight SportsCast15x819.9
Superlight SportsCast16x722.0
Team Dynamics DTMCast16x7.517.6
Team Dynamics MonzaCast17x722.5
Team Dynamics MotorsportCast16x719.8
Team Dynamics MotorsportCast17x723.0
Team Dynamics MotorsportCast18x824.0
Team Dynamics PhantomCast17x721.8
Team Dynamics QualifierCast15x715.0
Team Dynamics QualifierCast18x821.0
Team Dynamics RaiderCast17x724.0
Team Dynamics Rim 2000Cast17x7.521.5
Team Dynamics Sebring DTMCast17x7.522.5
Team Dynamics Super TouringCast17x7.522.0
Team Dynamics TornadoCast17x719.8
Team Dynamics VisageForged18x817.4
Team Loco 142Cast16x722.0
Team Loco KaiCast17x723.0
Team Loco Shako TanCast17x723.0
Team Toyota Europe GT-1Cast18x824.0
Tecnocast CorsiaForged17x714.8
Tecnomagnesio CastMg15x6.510.9
Tecnomagnesio MT 5B2 CastMg16x715.4
Tecnomagnesio MT 5B2 CastMg17x816.3
Tecnomagnesio MT 5B2 CastMg17x8.517.6
Tecnomagnesio MT 5B2 CastMg17x1018.0
Tecnomagnesio MT 5B2 CastMg18x1020.5
Tecnomagnesio MT 6B3 CastMg17x719.0
Tecnomagnesio MT 6B3 CastMg17x819.4
Tecnomagnesio MT 6B3 CastMg17x920.5
Tecnomagnesio MT 6B3 CastMg18x1022.7
Tecnomagnesio SportCast15x6.517.6
Tecnomagnesio SportCast16x719.6
Tecnomagnesio SportCast17x724.8
Tenzo-R 2-TypeCast17x720.8
Tenzo-R AV7Cast17x720.0
Tenzo-R Poke-10Cast17x720.3
Tenzo-R PsychoCast17x719.2
Tenzo-R RS-5Cast17x720.3
Tenzo-R Shu-4Cast17x719.5
Tenzo-R Sinko-RCast15x6.512.3
Tenzo-R Sinko-RCast17x721.2
TGF MXCast17x718.3
TMW GTVCast17x719.5
TMW RXCast17x720.3
TMW RXCast18x7.524.0
TOM's New ActionCast/Spun14x611.1
TOM's New ActionCast/Spun15x6.512.2
TOM's New Sports IIForged18x7.515.0
TOM's S2Cast18x8.523.8
TOM's S4 SpikerCast15x6.515.5
TommyKaira ProRSSF17x715.9
TOORA Monotoora (Erebuni)Cast15x722.0
TRD Sports SC430Cast18x828.0
TRD Sports T3Forged15x6.511.4
TRD Sports T3Forged16x714.9
TRD Sports T3Forged16x815.7
TRD Sports T3Forged17x7.518.5
TRD Sports T3Forged17x818.7
TRD Sports T3Forged17x8.519.0
TRM SniperCast18x927.0
TRM TyphoonCast17x723.0
TRM TyphoonCast18x926.5
TSW AlpineCast14x615.5
TSW AlpineCast15x6.519.4
TSW Avus RCast15x719.4
TSW Avus RCast16x7.521.7
TSW Big DeepCast17x723.3
TSW BladeCast16x7.521.0
TSW EdgeCast17x721.8
TSW EvoCast15x717.0
TSW EvoCast16x720.4
TSW EuraceCast17x724.3
TSW FlyCast15x718.5
TSW FlyCast16x720.7
TSW FlyCast17x722.8
TSW FuryCast15x6.516.5
TSW HockenheimCast15x718.8
TSW HockenheimCast17x823.8
TSW HockenheimCast18x825.5
TSW QuadCast14x612.5
TSW QuadCast15x6.515.0
TSW RevoCast16x720.4
TSW RevoCast17x724.8
TSW SGVCast16x722.0
TSW SGVCast18x830.5
TSW SpiritCast18x827.5
TSW TrophyCast15x719.0
TSW VX1Cast16x722.5
TSW VX1Cast17x724.0
TSW VX1Cast18x827.0
TSW ZenonCast17x724.0
Ultra WheelsCast17x7.524.8
Ultra WheelsCast20x8.544.5
Ultra Wheels KogeCast17x725.0
Veilside Andrew Racing eFCast18x727.5
Veilside Andrew Racing Pasha DCast17x722.0
Velox HyperionCast20x8.529.4
Velox VX-5Cast19x827.0
Vision 814Cast16x722.0
Vision 818Cast14x615.0
Vision 818Cast16x721.3
Vision 96Cast16x7.522.8
Volk CE28NForged14x5.56.5
Volk CE28NForged15x79.1
Volk CE28NForged17x7.513.8
Volk CE28NForged17x914.8
Volk Daytona SpeedCast17x824.0
Volk Gram LightsCast17x7.517.0
Volk GTAForged/Spun17x921.0
Volk GTNForged/Spun18x7.518.5
Volk GTNForged/Spun18x8.519.0
Volk GTPForged/Spun17x919.5
Volk SE37KForged17x7.514.3
Volk SE37KForged18x9.516.8
Volk Sebring ITCCast18x7.521.5
Volk SSCast18x7.525.0
Volk TE37Forged13x88.3
Volk TE37Forged14x5.58.5
Volk TE37Forged15x68.2
Volk TE37Forged15x6.58.8
Volk TE37Forged15x79.2
Volk TE37Forged16x711.2
Volk TE37Forged16x7.511.3
Volk TE37Forged16x813.3
Volk TE37Forged17x7.515.0
Volk TE37Forged18x7.517.0
Volk TE37 MagForged,Mg18x8.512.9
Volk Versus Tourismo SpadaCast18x7.525.5
Voxx ArgusCast17x722.5
Voxx ForzaCast18x930.4
Voxx JBCast18x824.3
Voxx ScorzeCast18x930.6
Wed's Celeb V2Cast16x719.0
Wed's RS-5 (Original design)Cast/Spun15x6.513.5
Wed's RS-5 Super StreetCast14x58.9
Wed's RS-5 Super StreetCast15x59.2
Wed's RS-5 Super StreetCast16x713.5
Wed's RS-5 Super StreetCast17x7.515.6
Wed's TC-005SSF15x6.510.2
Wed's TC-005SSF15x710.7
Wed's TC-005SSF15x7.511.0
Wed's TC-005SSF16x712.7
Wed's TC-005SSF16x7.513.2
Wed's TC-005SSF16x813.9
Wed's TC-005SSF17x713.8
Wed's TC-005SSF17x7.514.2
Wed's TC-005SSF17x814.9
Wed's TC-005SSF17x8.515.3
Wed's TC-005SSF17x915.8
Wed's TC-005SSF17x9.516.3
Wed's TC-005SSF18x1018.9
Wed's TC-005SSF18x7.516.8
Wed's TC-005SSF18x817.7
Wed's TC-005SSF18x8.517.9
Wed's TC-005SSF18x918.6
Weld (racing only)Cast13x89.5
Weld (racing only)Cast13x910.0
Weld EVOForged16x816.2
Weld EVO Espada SLForged20x8.528.6
Weld EVO R-71Forged18x823.0
Weld EVO R-76Forged17x820.0
Weld EVO SL-5Forged17x720.0
Weld Magnum Import DragForged13x88.6
Weld Type 76Forged15x715.0
Western TurbineCast13x610.0
Work CR-02Cast17x717.4
Work CR-03Cast18x820.9
Work EmotionForged17x7.515.3
Work EmotionForged17x8.516.2
Work EmotionForged18x7.516.7
Work EmotionForged18x8.517.4
Work Equip 01Cast14x714.1
Work Equip 03Cast14x713.2
Work Ewing RS Beta 3-PieceCast15x6.515.0
Work Meister S2RForged/Spun17x719.2
Work Meister S2RForged/Spun17x7.519.0
Work Meister S2RForged/Spun17x920.5
Work Meister S2RForged/Spun18x922.3
Work Rezax II MagForged,Mg18x8.519.0
Work Rezax III MagForged,Mg18x817.4
Xenex MuseCast19x826.3
Zen Racing MatrixCast18x7.524.0
Zen Racing RaceCast18x7.525.3
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