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Wheel Weights From

Wheel Weights, From

The following info was translated from the Adobe Acrobat documents on the Web site, with the author's permission.
Wheels, by name Stock wheels Aftermarket 0-9, A-F Aftermarket G-L Aftermarket M-R Aftermarket S-Z
Wheels, by size up to 13" 14" 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" & larger


Acura Integra GS 92Cast14x5.515.5
Acura Integra GS-R 94-95Cast15x616.0
Acura Integra GS-R 96Cast15x615.5
Acura Integra GS-R 97 (00+ LS)Cast15x615.0
Acura Integra GS-R 98-01Cast15x616.3
Acura Integra Type-R (Euro 5-bolt)Cast15x613.0
Acura Integra Type-R (JDM 4-bolt)Cast15x612.3
Acura Integra Type-R (JDM 4-bolt)Cast16x717.0
Acura Integra Type-R (US 5-bolt)Cast15x615.6
Acura NSXForged15x6.515.2
Acura NSXForged16x716.8
Acura NSXForged17x8.520.9
Acura RSXCast16x6.516.0
Alfa Romeo CastMg13x5.59.0
Alfa Romeo 156Cast16x6.521.7
Alfa Romeo GTVCast17x7.525.3
Audi A4 5-spokeCast16x720.0
Audi A4 7-spokeCast16x720.6
Audi A8Forged17x821.0
Audi A8 9-spokeCast20x8.528.6
Audi S4 AvusCast17x7.528.0
Audi S8 AvusCast18x827.2
Audi TTCast16x718.5
Audi TTForged17x7.521.5
Audi TTCast17x7.529.0
BMW 320iCast13x610.8
BMW 328isCast16x719.0
BMW E30 M3Cast15x716.0
BMW E30 M3 (BBS RS003)Cast/Spun16x716.0
BMW E34 M5 "Throwing Stars"Forged17x819.5
BMW E36 M3Cast17x7.522.3
BMW E36 M3 LTWForged17x7.520.0
BMW E39 M5Forged18x823.6
BMW E39 M5Forged18x9.525.6
BMW ParallelsForged18x823.0
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 01Forged17x9.519.6
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 01Forged18x10.521.4
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 01 - CCW skeletal modForged17x9.517.8
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 01 - CCW skeletal modForged18x10.519.8
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 02Cast/Spun17x9.519.2
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 02Cast/Spun18x10.521.0
Datsun 200SX 80-83 (16-spoke)Cast14x5.515.0
Datsun 200SX 80-83 (32-spoke)Cast14x5.516.0
Datsun 200SX 80-83 (disk)Cast14x5.514.0
Datsun 280Z 79-80Cast14x618.0
Datsun 280ZX 81-83Cast14x613.0
Datsun 280ZX Turbo 81Cast15x617.0
Datsun 280ZX Turbo 82-83Cast15x614.0
Datsun 810/Maxima 81-84Cast14x5.515.0
Dodge Challenger 78-83Cast14x5.515.0
Dodge Colt 88-90Cast14x5.513.0
Dodge Conquest 84-86Cast14x615.0
Dodge Conquest 84-85 (large vents)Cast15x6.514.0
Dodge Conquest 84-87 (all others)Cast15x6.516.0
Dodge Neon ACR 02Cast15x616.5
Dodge Viper - 01Cast18x1028.4
Dodge Viper - 01Cast18x1332.3
Ford Focus ZTS and WagonCast15x615.2
Ford Focus ZX3Cast16x619.1
Ford Mustang - Roush (made by Prime)Cast17x826.5
Ford Taurus SHOCast16x6.518.8
GMC Syclone/Typhoon (Front)Cast/Spun16x821.2
GMC Syclone/Typhoon (Rear)Cast/Spun16x821.8
Honda Civic 88-91 StampedSteel13x516.0
Honda Civic EX/Si 92+Cast14x518.0
Honda Civic HX 96-97Cast14x5.511.75
Honda Civic Type R 02Cast17x720.2
Honda CRX Si 90Cast14x517.0
Honda Prelude 97-99Cast16x6.519.0
Honda Prelude 97-99 SHCast16x6.519.7
Honda Prelude VTEC 93Cast15x6.522.5
Honda Prelude VTEC/Si 95-96Cast15x6.517.0
Honda S2000Cast16x6.517.5
Honda S2000Cast16x7.518.6
Honda S2000 JDM (BBS)Forged16x6.513.3
Honda S2000 JDM (BBS)Forged16x7.514.3
Infinity G20 91-97Cast14x615.0
Infinity M30 90-92Cast15x6.517.0
Isuzu Impulse, Stylus/Geo Storm 90-93Cast14x5.514.0
Isuzu Impulse, Stylus/Geo Storm 90-93 StampedSteel14x5.516.0
Isuzu Impulse, Stylus/Geo Storm 90-93Cast15x618.0
Lexus ES300 97Cast15x618.0
Mazda 323 7-spokeCast15x5.515.3
Mazda 626 83-87Cast15x616.0
Mazda 929 93-95Cast15x612.0
Mazda Miata 90-93Cast14x5.512.5
Mazda Miata 90-97 Steel StampedSteel14x5.518.0
Mazda Miata 92C/93LE (BBS)Forged14x69.0
Mazda Miata 94 M-EditionCast14x610.3
Mazda Miata 94-97 (semi-hollow spokes)Cast14x610.9
Mazda Miata 94-97 (hollow spokes)Cast14x611.8
Mazda Miata 95 M-Edition (BBS)Forged15x611.0
Mazda Miata 96 M-Edition (Enkei)Cast15x614.5
Mazda Miata 97 M-EditionCast15x614.5
Mazda Miata 99-00Cast14x612.5
Mazda Miata 99-00Cast15x613.4
Mazda Miata 01Cast16x6.515.5
Mazda Miata Spare Tire & Wheel (includes tire weight)Stamped Steel14x421.6
Mazda Miata UKCast15x615.0
Mazda MilleniaCast15x611.5
Mazda RX7 84-85Cast14x5.513.0
Mazda RX7 86-88Cast14x5.513.5
Mazda RX7 FD3SCast16x815.4
Mazda RX7 FD3S - PFD Cast(Brittle)16x813.8
Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 95Cast18x8.525.0
Mitsubishi Galant 91Cast15x617.0
Mitsubishi Galant 92Cast15x616.0
Mitsubishi Galant 94-96 (5-spoke)Cast15x615.0
Mitsubishi Galant 96-97 (4-spoke)Cast15x614.5
Mitsubishi GSX 1997Cast17x6.525.0
Nissan 200SX 84Cast14x5.515.0
Nissan 200SX 84-87Cast15x619.0
Nissan 200SX Turbo 85-86Cast15x619.0
Nissan 240SX 89-90Cast15x616.0
Nissan 240SX 91-94Cast15x618.0
Nissan 240SX 95-96Cast15x615.0
Nissan 240SX 95-98 LE and SECast16x6.518.5
Nissan 300ZX 84-85Cast15x6.519.0
Nissan 300ZX NA and TT frontCast16x7.516.0
Nissan Altima 93-97Cast15x617.0
Nissan Altima 98-01Cast16x618.0
Nissan Maxima 85-86Cast15x620.0
Nissan Maxima 87-88Cast15x617.0
Nissan Maxima 95-99 GLECast15x6.516.5
Nissan Maxima 95-99 SECast16x6.519.6
Nissan Sentra SE + SE-R 01-02Cast16x618.0
Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V 02Cast17x724.0
Nissan Stanza 90-92Cast14x615.0
Porsche 911 FuchsForged16x617.0
Porsche 911 FuchsForged16x718.0
Porsche 911 FuchsForged16x819.0
Porsche 911 FuchsForged16x920.0
Porsche 914 6-cylinder 5-bolt (rare)Forged,Mg15x5.57.0
Porsche 928CSForged16x819.0
Porsche 944S2Cast16x718.7
Porsche 944S2Cast16x822.0
Porsche 944S2 Spare Tire & Wheel (includes tire weight)Stamped Steel 29.3
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 "Flat Dish"Forged16x718.5
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 "Flat Dish"Forged16x820.0
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 FuchsForged16x715.0
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 FuchsForged16x816.0
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 "Phone Dial"Cast16x718.5
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 "Phone Dial"Cast16x820.0
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 "Phone Dial" - Optional CastMg16x816.1
Porsche 944 Turbo/951 "Phone Dial" - Optional CastMg16x916.5
Porsche 944 Turbo S/951S Design 90 "Clubsport"Forged16x718.5
Porsche 944 Turbo S/951S Design 90 "Clubsport"Forged16x920.0
Porsche 968Cast17x7.520.0
Porsche 968Cast17x923.0
Porsche 993Cast17x7.518.0
Porsche 993Cast17x919.5
Porsche 996Cast17x719.1
Porsche 996Cast17x922.3
Porsche 996Cast18x820.0
Porsche 996Cast18x1023.4
Porsche BoxterCast17x720.3
Porsche BoxterCast17x8.522.7
Porsche Club SportsCast16x719.0
Porsche Club SportsCast16x921.5
Porsche CupCast18x826.2
Porsche CupCast18x1029.3
Subaru Impreza MY98Cast16x717.0
Subaru Impreza MY99Cast16x717.0
Subaru Impreza MY00/01Cast16x716.5
Subaru Impreza MY00/01 WRX StiForged17x7.519.8
Subaru Impreza MY02 WRXCast16x6.516.5
Subaru Impreza MY02 WRX (BBS)Forged17x716.0
Subaru Legacy StampedSteel15x619.5
Subaru Legacy GT-B (Japan)Forged17x717.8
Subaru Legacy (Enkei)Cast15x616.0
Subaru Legacy Outback (Topy)Cast15x618.0
Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS300) Z-EditionCast17x722.0
Toyota Celica/Supra 82-84Cast14x5.514.5
Toyota Celica GTS/Supra P 82-85Cast14x715.0
Toyota Corolla 86-87Cast14x5.514.5
Toyota Corolla 93-97Cast14x5.519.0
Toyota MR2Cast15x614.5
Toyota MR2Cast15x6.515.0
Toyota MR-SCast15x614.6
Toyota MR-SCast15x6.515.2
Toyota Supra L 85Cast15x615.0
Toyota Supra 86.5-89Cast16x723.0
Toyota VanCast14x5.517.0
Volkswagen BravoCast17x7.522.5
Volkswagen CabrioletCast14x615.5
Volkswagen Corrado SLC BBSCast15x6.518.5
Volkswagen Golf (BBS RM 2-piece) Cast/Cast (verysoft)15x6.515.0
Volkswagen Golf GTI (BBS RS 3-piece)Forged/Cast15x713.2
Volkswagen SiataCast17x721.0
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