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Wheel/tire combo: 16x7.5, 35mm offset, 205/45-16 tires

From Fri Jan 8 22:42:38 1999
From: "David Moak" <dmoak@globalsite>
Subject: Re: Tire sizes for '96 GTI VR6?
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 18:31:50 -0500
Organization: ISPNews

It depends on a lot of things, including the width and offset of the wheels.
I have seen GTIs with tires as big as 225/40/16, but you will get some
rubbing, especially in the rear and especially if you lower the car. People
I have talked to have been able to solve this by grinding the rear fender

I have 16X7.5 wheels with an offset of 35mm. I am running 205/45/16s, but
they looked stretched on the 7.5-inch wheels, IMHO. Next time I'm going to
try 215/40/16 or 225s if I feel really adventurous.

GTI VR6 owner wrote in message &lt;&#51;6965504.923042D3&#64;apple<img src=/i/dc.gif border=0 width=35 height=15>&gt;...
>What size tires can I really fit on a '96 GTI VR6 that has been lowered
>about an inch.  I want to go to 16" wheels if possible.  Tire rack tells
>me that at 15", 16", and 17" wheels I can only use the stock 205.  It
>seems that they are probably being conservative.  I mean a little
>rubbing at full wheel lock while parking should be acceptable, right?  I
>want to start autoXing so I'm looking for a bit more traction.
>Any wheel suggestions are welcome also.  I have been looking at
>Fittapaldi Polaris and BBS RX.
>Thanks in advance

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