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Problem: OBD-II throttle position sensor/servo becoming worn and failing

From: Matt Checkon <mjchecko@calcon>
To: vr6@yahoogroups
Subject: RE: It's TCM not TPS, sorry !
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 13:14:27 -0500

No problem with the english I can understand you just fine; if I had to
communicate in your language rather than mine I doubt you would even
understand that I was talking about cars!  :)  lol

I guess I was hoping for a better answer than what I had found out a year

POS device is exactly correct; I can actually see the poor workmanship
problem on mine.  The two potentiometers that measure and adjust idle
speed/air flow use twin electric pads and semi-circular receiving 'tracks'.
The pads are connected to the axle of the butterfly valve.  The distance the
pads travel along the circular track reports back to the ECM how far the
servos are moving the butterfly valve at idle and thus controls the idle.
In six years of service (I have a '96) the pads have actually worn the
tracks down to the plastic underneath and cause a random signal back to the
ECM (because there is no metal now under the pads to complete the signal).
Thus my idle un-stabilization problem.  Really poor job by BOSCH (I assume
its BOSCH who made the electronics, anyway).

I am sorry for your troubles with the TCM.  What a lousy engineering job.
When my neighbor gets back from vacation next week I'll ask to borrow his
VAG tool/laptop and I'll get you a reading from my TCM.  He and I had done
this a year ago to see what was happening at idle, and we never checked the
WOT setting.  I think that is working fine on mine, so maybe you can get a
baseline reading anyway.

I have a bentley if you need me to look anything up.  It's for '95 to '97
Passats, but it include the VR6 so maybe it can help you.

Good luck!

- Matt

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