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Install a P-Flo into a VR6

This page originally came from: Speed OnLine.


Installation : Neuspeed P-Flo for VR6

The Neuspeed P-Flo kit is designed to replace the factory air box. The kit maintains all emissions requirements and is California Air Resource Board approved (E.O. #D236-4,8), and is completely street legal. There are a lot of similar products on the market that do not meet these requirement and can be considered illegal, so check the facts and ask the questions to insure you are driving with legal parts. Remember, cops are not fun.


  • 90-92 Corrado G60
  • 92-95 Corrado VR6
  • 88-92 Golf/Jetta 8v Digafant
  • 93-97 Golf/Jetta 2.0l 8v/VR6
  • 93-97 Passat VR6

    The installation that we will be doing is on a 96 Golf VR6


  • Flat Screw driver
  • Philips Screw driver
  • 13mm wrench
  • Hex Key wrench (Supplied in kit)
  • Hack Saw


  • K&N Filter large cone
  • K&N Filter small round filter
  • P-Flo bracket for Mass Air Flow Meter
  • Hex Key
  • 6/32x 5/8 Button Cap Screws
  • #6 Washers
  • Oval shaped nuts

    Step One: Remove factory air box. Located on the side of the air box are to rubber loops remove. Unclip the snap connectors that attaches the air box to the mass air flow meter. Unsnap 4 clips that attach the top of air box to the bottom. In front of the air box, there is a small hose. Use a flathead screwdriver and remove (One clamp at top of the air box and the other just of to the side). Hold the mass air flow meter, and gently pull apart top of the air box. There will be some resistance because of the o-ring that seals the air box to mass air flow meter. Remove bottom piece.

    Step Two: With the flathead screwdriver, loosen the clamp at rear of sensor. Pull back to remove air intake hose.

    Step Three: Disconnect plug from mass air flow sensor.

    Step Four: Remove the 13mm nuts that hold bracket to the studs on the fender. This holds carbon canister purge valve.

    Step Five: Remove Purge valve and small hose.

    Step Six: Modify bracket so with the P-Flo bracket is installed, it will fit behind the P-Flo bracket.

    Step Seven: Install original bracket and P-Flo bracket. Install 8mm Nyloc nuts. Reinstall purge valve and small hose.

    Step Eight: Set mass air flow meter on the bracket. Install oval nut on the back facing rear of the car, with the allen bolt and washer through the front.

    Step Nine: Tighten Both Screws

    Step Ten: Reinstall Air intake hose and tighten clamp.

    Step Eleven: Connect Electrical connector on mass air flow meter.

    Step Twelve: Install small K&N Filter at the front of engine where you removed the small plastic hose.

    Step Thirteen: Install the large K&N and tighten clamp.

    Step Fourteen: Check all connections, and make sure that everything is tight.

    Step Fifteen: Remove all tools.

    Step Sixteen: Get ready to start the car and enjoy!!!

    In review the Neuspeed kit is complete and well put together. Instructions were kind of cloudy but this should help clear that up. The manufacturer says that there is an average gain of between 5-6 horsepower at the top of the power band. The car also seems to have a different sound to it. The VR6 tends to make a nice growling sounds, warding off its enemies. The best thing of all is that it's 100% legal and there is nothing to worry about except maybe a speeding ticket or two. Its definitly worth the investment.

    Eliminating the factory air box, allows the big vacuum (Engine) to receive massive amounts of air it needs to generate power more quickly and efficiently. There is some concern at the low end speed. Lack of pressure are a cause of loss of low end torque, but comparative dyno results show no loss of power at the low end. The easier an engine can breathe the more efficient it becomes.

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