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Info: Using non-hardening Permatex gasket sealer for leaking exhaust pipe joints

From peteharter@email.msn Wed Mar 21 11:23:03 2001
From: "peteharter" <peteharter@email.msn>
To: "mailing list - GTI VR6" <gti-vr6b@yahoogroups>,
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] ABS Light
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:24:20 -0500
Thanks so much all.  Sounds like the issue.  Just surprized that it happend
to others much earlier in the life of the of these went almost 80k
before the first time it happend....

Let me in return offer a tip for folks who are having trouble keeping an
exhaust system from leaking at the joints.  good old non hardening Permatex
gasket sealer.  I know its not made for this, but it works really well.  It
functions as an assembly lube in this situation, keeps non stainless pipes
from rusting together so it can be taken apart if it ever needs to and works
well as a sealer.  Just please don't use it on the slip joint to the
cat...that connection is too hot.

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