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Replacing VR6's Serpentine Belt

Replacing VR6's Serpentine Belt

[ Nov 28, 2005 ]

With contribution from:
David Anderson (andersonmsai.mea)
Don (deeceeexit109)
Jim Royston (jroystonio)
John Dale (
Luke White (lukewhiteemeraldis)
PerryG (pgoutsosyahoo)
Uwe Ross (Uwe.Rosspobox)

  • Remove air box.

  • Insert a 8mm x 80mm bolt (a.k.a. M8 x 80mm x 1.25, or equivalent) into the threaded hole on the top of the tensioner (located front passenger side top corner of engine) and tighten until belt becomes loose (and no further).

    (Length-wise, a 45mm bolt is more than plenty. I use a 45mm Allen head bolt. When using a 45mm or 60mm hex head bolt, the socket fouls the fuel line and its clamp. An 80mm bolt is long enough to clear the fuel line and its clamp. With a 45mm or 60mm bolt, you just need to rotate the fuel line clamp and/or push the fuel line aside a little to clear the bolt head and the socket.

    In fact, if the bolt has an Allen head (which wouldn't require a socket to turn it), it can be as short as 45mm and will still work.)

    The Turn 2 Web site offers yet another alternative: remove one of the tensioner pulley's 13mm bolts and use that.
    Here are a couple of pics.

  • Get under the car and remove the splash guard under the front passenger corner of the engine. The guard is attached to the underbody by bolts that screw into toothed washers. Using a small flat blade screwdriver, pry some of the washers' teeth up so you can pull the guard off more easily.

  • Remove old belt: use a long, slender object (very long flat blade screwdriver, paint stirrer, etc) to nudge the belt out from between the 2 center pulleys. It tends to jam between them if you try to yank out the belt.

  • Standing above the engine, install new belt, ribbed side in. Slide the belt between the 2 center pulleys, then around the top two pulleys. From underneath, put the belt around the larger of the 2 pulleys first, then the smaller one near the front.

  • Make sure all ribs are lined up. Back the bolt out part of the way to tension the belt, then go to each pulley, and check that the belt is seated properly.

  • Click the starter (without starting) once or twice to turn the engine over. Reinspect the belt fit.

  • Re-install air box.

  • Slide the toothed washers out of the splash guard and straighten/flatten their teeth with pliers to restore their gripping power. Re-install splash guard.
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