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How-to: How to remove and replace fuel filter

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Re: [gti-vr6] Fuel filter again "Dave A." <sasakikojiro@earthlink> Tue, 10 Mar 1998 11:55:03 -0800
Re: [gti-vr6] 96 VR6 fuel filter deecee@exit109 Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:22:02 -0400

From gti-vr6-owner@dev.tivoli Tue Mar 10 14:13 CST 1998
From: "Dave A." <sasakikojiro@earthlink>
To: Scott Catlin <scott.catlin@sierra>
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] Fuel filter again
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 11:55:03 -0800
Cc: GTI List <gti-vr6@dev.tivoli>
> in my Bentley it says that the fuel filter on gas engines is good for the
> life of the car, unless it gets clogged. duh. but then it doesn't show
> how to replace it when it does get clogged! wtf? is the process the same
> as replacing the fuel filter on a diesel engine? they show how to replace
> that, but not on a gas engine. I don't wanna spend the 50 bucks to have
> the dealership mess it up. I'd rather spend 20 bucks, buy the filter and
> mess it up myself. thanks in advance.

You're in luck!  I just changed mine last night..  NOT fun.

First, you have to undo the two bolts that hold the dang thing in.  THEN,
comes the fun.  YOu have to bend those sheet-metal retaining things while
pulling down on the filter holder-thing.   It isn't a nice feeling when you
finally get those things to let go.  I removed the retainer thing forever-
my filter is now only held on by the two bolts, which, IMO, is MORE than
Okay-  got the filter loose?  Now, for some fun!  You have to cut off those
ring-things holding the fuel line to the filter.  If you want to use the same
setup again, you'll have to buy new ones from the factory.  Otherwise, you
can use  hose clamps like I did to keep the filter on.  After you have the
rings off, the real fun begins..  You have to work like hell to get the hose
off the filter-  mine was TIGHT!!!!  It's all downhill from there-  once wet
with gasoline, the hose slides easily back in place ont he new filter.  Easy
as pie.
If you use the factory rings, crimp them over the hose, if you use hose
clamps, tighten them on, and put the whole thing back up there with the two
bolts, or with the bolts AND metal retainer thing, if you're a sadist.

Be ready for LOTS of gas spillage too.

Goooood luck!


BTW:  the filter costs $19.xx at the dealer, and 19.xx at autotech.  Same
deal-  whichever's easier for you.  They're the same Bosch filter.

From gti-vr6-owner@dev.tivoli Sun Sep 20 14:03 CDT 1998
From: deecee@exit109
To: jefftonn@ixcom
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] 96 VR6 fuel filter
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:22:02 -0400
Cc: gti-vr6@dev.tivoli
At 12:13 AM 9/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I know this sounds like a bonehead question, but how do you change the fuel filter on a 1996 VR6 
>GTI? The filter is inside a plastic housing, which is held to the chassis with two nuts. After the 
>nuts are removed the plastic housing is still held in place by what appear to be two spring clips 
>around the mounting studs. I couldn't detirmine any nondestructive way to remove it. I asked a VW 
>service manager but he didn't know what I was talking about. He just rambled on about the factory 
>now using non-reusable crimp-clamps on the fuel hose, and that only the dealer should really deal 
>with it (this is the same dealer who lowballed my 16V trade in because I changed the cam belt 
>myself, instead of having a dealer do it).
>Thanks - Jeff

Jeff,  These clips are used else where in the car. The 2 plastic shields on
either side of the engine also use these clips. The solution Grip it and
Rip it. They are spring steel with reinstallation is just push it back on
the studs.  According to VW the fuel filter is lifetime. Since the majority
of the fuel system components are plastic the need for a scheduled
replacement is not necessary.   Unless a problem of fuel contamination
should happen.


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