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Questions + answers re. the Midknight Motorsports Ice Box

From gti-vr6-owner@cobra.ccsi Tue Feb 9 23:16 CST 1999
From: "Myron & Tracey Ybarra" <ybarrarontracey@worldnet.att>
To: "GTI List" <gti-vr6@cobra.ccsi>
Subject: [gti-vr6] New Icebox system info/LONG
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 21:06:10 -0800
Wow,  I wasn't prepared for the positive responses and inquires I received
when I announced that the IceBox system was ready for sale.  So, not that I
don't want to respond to everybody who e-mailed me personally requesting
more information and pricing, but it would take me days (I have minimal
typing skills) to get to everybody just who wrote from the list.  I have
compiled a list of answers to questions posed to me regarding the IceBox
system.  If this information still doesn't answer your questions please
e-mail or call me at (209) 275-0603 after 6pm PST and I will be happy to
address your concerns:

1.  The pricing for the Ice Box system is as follows : Icebox systems
without the charcoal canister relocation kit for the VR6 and 2.0 engines
(normally this is for vehicles that had born on dates between 93-95) will
cost $99.95 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping.  IceBox system with the
charcoal canister relocation kit (pictured on the MKM site) for VR6 and 2.0
engines will cost $119.95 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping.

2.  The IceBox system installs with common household tools and takes about
1 to 2 hours for installation.  It is about as difficult to install as the
Air Bath which is very easy to install.  No cutting of painted plastic or
metal is required for the installation of the IceBox or Air Bath system

3. The IceBox system will not trigger any fault codes as the flow rate to
the engine will remain the same.  The main benefit of the IceBox system is
the direct cold air charge to the engine.   If you haven't already modified
your OEM filter housing (removed the screen and cone) and replaced the OEM
filter with a low restriction unit like K&N or RamAir your performance, I
suggest you do so (although this is not necessary) to get the most benefit
from the addition of the IceBox system.

4.  Engine warm-up times with the installation of the IceBox system should
remain the same as an OEM filter housing while you are stationary, but when
you start to drive your engine will receive a direct cold air charge which
will take the engine a little longer to come up to full operating temps. 
If you don't flog your car 30 sec.'s after turning it on then the IceBox
system will not change the warm -up time enough to notice.

5.  The inlet adapter to the OEM filter housing is mounted just left of the
stock inlet.  You will have to remove the elbow that connects to the inner
fender well, but the OEM inlet source will still be open which will allow
for additional airflow when needed (high rpm or engine load) and minimize
vacuum at the inlet scoop.

6.  The inlet scoop is mounted in the black lower lip spoiler (if you have
the European lip spoiler and/or the splitter you can still use the IceBox
system there is no changes necessary in the installation).  There is NO
cutting in any painted portion of the car nor is there any cutting of metal
to install the IceBox or Air Bath systems.  For a pic of how the inlet
scoop looks installed, go to Russell's site at Gshock                      

Click on the reviews section and then click on the MidKnight Motorsport
logo and the pics will be there.  BTW. that is a pic of my personal car :~)

I hope this answers most of the questions posed to me regarding the IceBox
system.  For the record the IceBox system works with the same principals as
the Air Bath system which means it only functions when your vehicle is in
motion.  Cold air and low restriction filtration are the two main ways to
increase engine performance via intake modification.  Your low restriction
filter provides the first part of this power equation and the IceBox system
provides the latter.  

Myron Ybarra
MidKnight Motorsport
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