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How-to: Install Z Engineering supercharger

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[gti-vr6] Z-eng install Ian Frechette <frechett@rintintin.Colorado> Thu, 29 Mar 2001 02:58:33 -0700
Z-eng installation photos Daemon42 03-29-2001 03:53 AM

From sentto-1455644-1364-985859916-aqn=panix@returns.onelist Thu Mar 29 04:58:43 2001
From: Ian Frechette <frechett@rintintin.Colorado>
To: gti-vr6b@yahoogroups, VW-VR6@onelist
Subject: [gti-vr6] Z-eng install
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 02:58:33 -0700
I'll have a more complete review here after I've driven it some more.
For now I've got a post over on vwvortex with some details.

And here's a direct link to the installation photos.

Andy, I'm planning a Z-eng installation page soon which might
work in the library.  All the photos are free for anyone to use.
[ I have put the photos here:


From: Daemon42
Subject: Z-eng installation photos
Date: 03-29-2001 03:53 AM
Photos from my Z-eng installation here: 
I'll make a real installation web page soon.

Started the install the night before last with removal of the stock
airbox and relocation of the charcoal cannister, and drove it around
yesterday with the open filter stuck on the end of the MAF.

Tonight , I finished the install with only a few annoying glitches. It
wasn't exactly a 4 hour install from scratch to be sure, although
with all the various emmisions stuff moved out of the way it might
be a 4 hour re-install someday.. I'm actually still waiting for a
one way valve from Jim Chu but in the meantime I've got the crankcase
vent going into the intake directly from the PCV. I know some people
vent it to atmosphere so I'm not all that worried, but you'll note
the black hose looks out of place running over the top (it's an inch
or two too short without the valve in place), so I'll get some new
photos up when it's all set.

Anyway, drives fine. I did a bunch of G-tech runs the night before
installation so I'd have some baseline (without a dyno). Tonight I
ran them again and verified that it does indeed make more power all
the way from 1k rpms on up. (I've got mini-plots for acceleration
G-forces in the 1k-3k range for 2nd-4th gear, and max accel in all
gears, before and after) The real fun starts at about 3500rpms and and
ends abruptly at 6300 rpms. I HATE the rev limiter. At this altitude
I've got 15% less oxygen and the engine is still building more power
hard when it slams into the rev limiter. I'm sure I could take it to
at least 6700 rpms before I'll make the same boost as at sea level,
so I'm not even working the blower hard right now. Maybe I can talk
Garrett into making me a high altitude version of his *someday*
Z-eng chip, assuming he doesn't do away with the rev limiter anyway.

Oh, and I noticed also this chip being based on the stock chip, the
revs fall the instant I let off the throttle. My old Garrett v.10 chip
would hang the revs for a second when I let off the throttle without
load (during a shift) so I got a hard nice pull in the next gear. I
remember being mildly annoyed with it at first (I know Garrett would
remove that feature upon request), but now I'm so used to it, the old
behavior pisses me off. This chip drops the revs so damn fast I've
bogged a few times. Worse if you happen to hit the rev limiter and
then shift, the revs drop instantly and the power doesn't come back
for a second. I have to go back to holding some gas myself between
shifts, without hitting the rev limiter in neutral. Ugg.. Makes double
clutching and heel-toe a bit iffy too because I'm fighting rapidly
falling revs at the same time the blower makes it rev up much faster
so it's totally trying to hit a moving target.

Anyway, I've only driven it an hour or so in the dark. 1st is over
instantly, 2nd is fun but too quick too.. 3rd is the new 2nd gear,
and 4th and 5th are just sick over 4k rpms. I launched it up a big
steep 3 lane hill at 70mph and let off the gas 2/3rds of the way up
at 130mph in 5th, still pulling.

The problem is the power comes on so smooth down low, and builds so
rapidly above 3500 rpms that most people would swear it's not making
any additional power below 3k rpms over stock, but my G-tech, while
perhaps not terribly precise, is at least very consistent and it says
I'm making more power across the board. It feels slow sometimes, even
when the speedometer is zipping into the triple digits. I can see how
some people would diss it for being slow, but it's perfect for me. I
drive my car in the snow all winter, and as long as I stop at 3.5k,
it'll do just fine.

Time to sleep.. 


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