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[[Mk4]] Info: VW extends warranty on Mk4 MAF

From: "escherkees" <escherkees@yahoo>
Subject: Re: MAF's and other annoying "issues"
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 06:10:48 -0000
I have a '00 GTI VR6 that I took delivery of September 1999. I'm on
MAF #3 with only 41k on the odometer. The first one blew along with
the O2 sensor at 7 months and 10,000. 2.5 months later I got the car
back (that's right, 2.5 months in the shop for a 7 month old car!)
The 2nd MAF blew out in September of 2002 with 25,246 miles but I
got the car back a couple of days later. 5 months after the 1st MAF
blew the Catylatic converter burned out and had to be replaced; the
car had 15,156 miles on it at that time. The mechanic think it was a
result of the MAF going out. I'm a bit concerned about the current
catylatic converter but so far so good. Looking at the mileage, I
blow one about every 15k miles so I guess I'm due for a blow out any
time now.

In case you didn't recieve the notice in the mail, VW has extended
coverage for MAF's beyond the 2yr/24k mileage (for the '00 MY.) If
you've blown a MAF (or multiple ones) VW of NA is reimbursing
customers for this repair.

Has anyone else had any of the following issues on the Mk4's?

- spiral springs (part of the steering column); I'm on #4
- Cruise control; I'm on #3
- Headlights dimming when driving (DRL and full lights)
- 2nd gear grind (I've gotten mine fixed after nearly 4 years of
complaining, contact me if you need some info.)
- "Clunking" in the doors
- Window lifts malfunctioning (not the same as the
recalled "hangers")

As much as I love my VR6 it's been very far from reliable. The past
18 months it's been fine other than a noisy blower motor that was
replaced and a cracked thermostat housing. I think most of my car's
multitude of problems stem from the fact it's one of the very
first '00 brought to the US. I knew better than to buy a 1st year
production car but I needed to replace a car and had always wanted a
VR6 GTI. The 2nd gear grind was present from day 1 but has been
perfect since repaired last June. Life without grinding is great.

'00 GTI VR6, Black

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