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Info: Oil pressures in the VR6

From sentto-1455644-909-981551690-aqn=panix@returns.onelist Wed Feb 7 08:14:55 2001
From: chris collier <collier@iglou>
To: pavlicek@mindspring
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] Oil pressure
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 08:16:00 -0500
Cc: GTI-VR6 Mailing List <gti-vr6b@yahoogroups>

When the engine is cold, at idle: 75; give it gas when the engine is cold:100

When the engine is warm, at idle: 50; give it gas when the engine is warm:
+15-25; depends whether or not you on boost too.

Hope this helps.

chris collier
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Ryun Pavlicek wrote:
> Finally getting around to hooking up the last of my gauges. Anyone with
> a oil pressure gauge that can give me an idea of the range on a mk3 vr6?
> I have an Autometer 0-100 psi that I would like to use if it would hook
> up to the dual vdo sender.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Ryun

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