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Info: Rimmer supercharger

From gti-vr6-owner@ccsi Sun May 23 16:22 CDT 1999
From: "nova" <nova@codenet>
To: <gti-vr6@ccsi>
Subject: [gti-vr6] Rimmer Chargers
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 15:01:25 -0600
>supercharger should make 250+ ft-lb and 250+ hp with ease.  Numbers that I
>think you will not achieve with bolt-ons.   But the installed price will be
>close $4500 or more.

>Also, I would expect a supercharged engine to be less reliable and more of a
>maintenance headache, where as the Schrick stuff should have virtually no
>effect on reliability.  Not to mention that the only readily available SC kit
>(AMS) seems to have some derivability issues and doesn't work with OBD-I.

Actually Rimmer Engineering has the best SC set up Ive seen so far. The
installation is as clean as you can get, and the blower itself sits behind
the throttle body retaining the left-hand area where the air box or K&N
filter goes. Honestly, this is a very, very clean install which uses an
Eaton blower. At 6 psi boost, the set up will be right around 250 HP, going
with more boost requires an intercooler for another $900, but then you can
run over 14 psi and go over 300 HP. I was down at the Rimmer shop here in
Colorado Springs last week and they can fit this charger to any VR6 in 6
hours (with a manifold swap) for around 3400$! Currently they are making
the first ever charged audi 2.8 V6 for the owner of Ronal wheels in Cali.,
I was lucky enough to see the car in their shop with the engine removed
hehe. I encourage those of you who want to SC your VW's to look into
Rimmer, not only because of the products they sell, but they are cool as
hell too.

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Tommy Fletcher
'92 VR6 70,000 mi.
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