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Info: VR6 supercharger by Nik Saran Racing

From gti-vr6-owner@ccsi Sat Jun 19 16:00 CDT 1999
From: Anthony Eaton <tamrac@erols>
To: "gti-vr6@cobra.ccsi" <>
Subject: [gti-vr6] Nik Saran Superchargers
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 16:59:01 -0400
This one's gonna be a little long-
 Okay Jud, I went through my past issues of PVW and The Golf, and here's
what I came up with.
        Aug 98 issue of PVW-ppg 32-35. Dyno graph on pg 34 indicates max
245HP at 6200-6300rpm, max torque 230lb/ft peaks at 4300 rpm and is
pretty flat till 5500rpm where it slowly falls off. A calculated 44%
increase over the 2.8L standard VR6(according to the article).
        June 99 issue of The Golf ppg 46-54. "the Californian Vortech mechanically driven from a pulley off the end of the crank,
and geared up to drive the compressor.  Carbon Fiber ducting is used for
the air pipes, and the ECU is changed to suit the fueling and ignition
needs of the supercharged engine. There's no intercooler or
charge-cooler in this installation, so pipework is relatively
simple......The new ducting and ECU are added, an intake box sits
beneath the front's a simple enough conversion for an MK3,
but there are clearance problems with the MK2" for obvious
reasons(e-mail me if you really want to know why).
        March 99 issue of The Golf ppg 94-98. on reliability- "we gear
the pulleys so that it runs at no more than 45,000rpm- it's designed to
cope with up to 55,000rpm. And we've already tested one to well over
80,000 miles in a 1996 Golf VR6. Oh, and it's TUV-approved for Germany
and Switzerland." If I understand correctly, TUV approval is the highest
approval a product can get due to the German's extremely strict
standards. I have more if you want, but I'll refrain from posting to the
list so as to not piss off any more people than I already have with this
98 Ginster 8v GTI

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