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EIP Turbo

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[gti-vr6] EIP Turbo Review (long) Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe> Sun, 31 May 1998 14:41:39 -0400
[gti-vr6] Dynoed Schrick Intake w/turbo Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe> Sat, 25 Jul 1998 17:24:22 -0400
Re: [gti-vr6] Dynoed Schrick Intake w/turbo Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe> Sat, 25 Jul 1998 19:58:41 -0400
Re: [gti-vr6] Dynoed Schrick Intake w/turbo Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe> Sun, 26 Jul 1998 12:41:57 -0400

From gti-vr6-owner Sun May 31 13:45 CDT 1998
From: Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe>
To: GTI news group <gti-vr6@dev.tivoli>
Subject: [gti-vr6] EIP Turbo Review (long)
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 14:41:39 -0400
Here's a follow up on my EIP turbo system...  The system was purchased used
from VW Sport, off their VR6 Cabrio.

I previously reported that the car had a bad idle/missing... Well... That
was due to, I want to get the dam car back together as soon as possible
after i've been dicking with it on and off for 2 1/2 months and seeing how
close I was to getting the car to road worthy syndrom.  I hand tightened
the sparkplugs in the hole to avoid my butter fingers dropping numerous
screws, nuts, etc. and forgot!  Since the car was missing pretty bad, I
thought I may have bad wires/coil pack.  Upon further inspection, I could
wiggle the actual plugs in the hole.  DUH!   I feel stupid.

Now for the real review.  The idle is factory smooth, drivablity is factory
like.  WOT is fantastic!  With the current chip/aux fuel pressure
regular/injectors, the car can only provide enough fuel for 7-8 psi.  I
metered it at a healthy .88v on the O2 sensor at WOT.  It should probably
run a little richer to cool things down.  I have the optional inline fuel
pump and will wait to install that after I have the 440cc injectors
installed later in the month along with a chip fine tuning session.  The
redline is a soft 6500 (UGH!).  The car stalls sometimes when coming to a
stop from the freeway (rapid decay of revs), hope to have this fixed with
the chip.

The intercooler is mounted horozontally on the driver side sub frame.  It
has a little scoop to collect the incoming air.  I can scrape this thing
all over town.  It's time to jack up the car.

There's no leaks at this time :).  I installed the Neuspeed 160o
thermostat.  I also switched to G12.  A hint to replacing the drain plug..
Use some masking tape, folded inside out so there's tape on both sides and
put your long flat head on it.  This will provide enough hold for you to
start the plug.  It gets mighty hot to stick your hand up in there to
replace the plug.

The water temp goes to 215, 220o or so during my spirted drives in 90o+
weather with a/c blasting.  Definately on the brinks of the oem radiator
when running hard in hot weather with a/c on.  The oil temp goes upto 240o
under the same circumstance.  Typical driving would yield 190-195o on water
and 200-210o on oil in hot weather with a/c.

I did the install myself, so I had total control.  I feel this is a major
key in proper operation of the system.  There's just isn't that many parts.
 I went to a reputable machine shop that has a reputation of doing quite a
number of Porsche turbo heads for the O-ringing.  I used "Copper Coat" to
seal the gasket to the head/block for the oil/water seal since the copper
head gasket won't stop liquid.  Installed the Raceware bolts.  Had a valve
job, slight porting on the exhaust side of the head.

A Quaife differential and Centerforce clutch was installed a while back to
handle the nitrous operation.  Transmission was just completely rebuilt.  A
Greddy Profec is in the wings (thats right, rice burner equipment).

I didn't ask for ANY support from you know who and i've been trying to get
an updated chip from them this past week, since a perfect chip was promised
with the original kit a year ago, you know the answer to that comment.

Time to put a set of tire tracks with the Quaife!  Jason - whenever your in
this part of town again... :)


From gti-vr6-owner@dev.tivoli Sat Jul 25 16:41 CDT 1998
From: Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe>
Subject: [gti-vr6] Dynoed Schrick Intake w/turbo
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 17:24:22 -0400
Cc: Ernie Cox <ecoxjr@shentel>, GTI news group <gti-vr6@dev.tivoli>, Kyle Hunt <jet16v@aol>, Garrett Lim <jglim@fast>, Judson Main <jmain@erols>, Jason Whipple <jwhipple@kiwinet>
Here's the hard numbers.    Baseline:  &#66;oost&#64;8.25 psi, test pipe, oem & EIP manifold, ported exhaust side of head.
New: added Schrick Manifold.  All numbers are to the wheel.

	Base			New			Difference
RPM	ft lb	hp		ft lb	hp		Torque	HP

1600	113	32		117	36		+4	+4
2000	122	46		133	51		+11	+5
2500	132	63		147	70		+15	+7
3000	138	79		176	101		+38	+22
3100	146	86		194	114		+48	+28
3200	155	94		216	132		+61	+38
3300	171	107		243	153		+72	+46
3400	185	120		262	170		+77	+50
3500	204	136		270	180		+66	+44
3600	211	145		267	183		+56	+38
3700	215	152		263	185		+48	+33
3800	223	161		255	184		+32	+23
3900	225	167		252	187		+27	+20
4000	227	173		241	184		+14	+11
4100	226	177		227	177		+1	0
4200	227	181		229	183		+2	+2
4300	224	183		226	185		+2	+2
4400	223	187		227	190		+4	+3
4500	222	190		223	191		+1	+11
5000	213	202		213	202		0	0
5500	206	216		209	219		+3	+3
5800	198	218		199	219		+1	+1
6300	172	206		180	216		+8	+10

Doing the conversion to flywheel power @14 % loss:  HP: 270 @ 6000rpm, Torque: 314 ft lb @ 3500 rpm.

My only worries will be the durability of the flap on the Schrick intake.  Jeff Storey was in attendance.


From gti-vr6-owner@dev.tivoli Sat Jul 25 19:13 CDT 1998
From: Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe>
To: jmain <jmain@erols>
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] Dynoed Schrick Intake w/turbo
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 19:58:41 -0400
Cc: GTI news group <gti-vr6@dev.tivoli>

The Schrick uses tuned length runners.  I'm REALLY surprised the numbers
are so high on the bottom end.  I made 6 runs, varing the flap opening
rpms.  Every setting (away from 4000) has a loss from 3800-4000 of 10ish ft
lbs of torque and then back up, but when set at 3800 switchover point, I
gain 10~ ft lbs, hp from 4500-5500.

When you drive it now, it's a whole new car.  Now we're talking about
Corvette torque!  I have a feeling iI'm going to break something in the
drivetrain...  Still at 8.25 psi.


From gti-vr6-owner@dev.tivoli Sun Jul 26 12:00 CDT 1998
From: Jim Chu <jimchu@CompuServe>
To: "Racer X" <a3_driver@hotmail>
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] Dynoed Schrick Intake w/turbo
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 12:41:57 -0400
Cc: GTI news group <gti-vr6@dev.tivoli>

314*14%(-44)=270 road torque @3500
270*14%(-38)=232 road hp @6000

I figure the loss is based on flywheel numbers, so I work from there.  When
Neuspeed did a baseline stock VR6 on their EC Jetta project, the road hp
was 145.  172-145=27/172=16%  So I could be using a 16% loss factor instead
of 14%.  But every motor is different.


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