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Info: Info on Dex-Cool coolant

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RE: austinvw: APD/coolant Richard Adams <richard.adams@catapultsystems> Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:44:57 -0500
[gti-vr6] G11 and G12 bthompson@buckeye-express Thu, 05 Apr 2001 09:06:01 +0500

From owner-austinvw@pswtech Thu Apr 29 16:45 CDT 1999
From: Richard Adams <richard.adams@catapultsystems>
To: "'austinvw@pswtech'" <>
Subject: RE: austinvw: APD/coolant
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:44:57 -0500

It's the 5yr./150k mile orange stuff that GM puts in all their new vehicles.
Good stuff. Less prone to cause corrosion like the green G-11 that came in
my car. I think the orange G-12 is basically the same, but I'm not sure.

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From: James Carroll [mailto:&#106;ames.carroll&#64;bpasystems<img src=/i/dc.gif border=0 width=35 height=15>]
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 1999 4:31 PM
To: &#97;ustinvw&#64;pswtech<img src=/i/dc.gif border=0 width=35 height=15>
Subject: RE: austinvw: APD/coolant

What's Dex-Cool?

James Carroll
Senior Software Engineer
BPA Systems Inc.
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> Behalf Of Richard Adams
> Sent: Thursday, April 29, 1999 4:36 PM
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&gt; Cc: &#39;jroyston&#64;io<img src=/i/dc.gif border=0 width=35 height=15>'
> Subject: austinvw: APD/coolant
> Thanks to Jim for flushing and filling my engine coolant with the new
> Dex-Cool.
> Jim-
> I noticed on my way back to work that my temperature guage was a couple
> hairs short of the middle. It always used to be dead on center within five
> minutes of starting the car. Think the new coolant is allowing my
> car to run
> a little cooler? Or b/c the mixture is a little stronger than normal?
> I'll take it whatever the reason!
> sidenote:
> speaking of cops on Mopac, I was cruising back from Jim's place after
> getting a coolant flush (for the car... ;). I was tooling along
> at about 75
> with some other traffic for the longest time, not giving a second
> thought to
> the Tahoe/Yukon in my rearview mirror. I slowed down and change lanes
> getting ready to exit. At that point I noticed the Tahoe had a light bar,
> etc. which I wasn't able to see because my frikkin' third brake
> light was in
> the way. He changed lanes and pulled in behind me. I'm thinking "Oh boy",
> because I've seen the APD Tahoe's running radar further north on
> the 'pac. I
> exited and he kept going. Phew!!
> It was one of those LDW patrols.
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&gt; From: Zerin Dube [mailto:&#122;erin&#64;mail.utexas<img src=/i/de.gif border=0 width=35 height=15>]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 1:13 PM
&gt; To: &#97;ustinvw&#64;pswtech<img src=/i/dc.gif border=0 width=35 height=15>
> Subject: austinvw: Humor:
> Welp,
> I got nailed with a 81 in a 65 on MOPAC today. Anyone know how much defensive
> driving costs?
> Sucks, stupid bright orange car!  On the lighter side, I found out that one of
> my friends has put me up for auction on Ebay :)
> Zerin

From sentto-1455644-1522-986479594-aqn=panix@returns.onelist Thu Apr 5 10:06:35 2001
From: bthompson@buckeye-express
To: gti-vr6b@yahoogroups
Subject: [gti-vr6] G11 and G12
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 09:06:01 +0500
Don't use either. I put Dex Cool in each of the 3 VR6's I've owned.
It cost less than half as much, works just as well, and you can buy it most anywhere.
Any concerns about the aluminum corrosion- Dex Cool comes in the all aluminum LS1.

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