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97 rough idle, with possible fix

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[gti-vr6] Rough idle Jonathan Hottenstein <jhott@engr.colostate> Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:47:47 -0700
Re: [gti-vr6] Rough idle Jonathan Hottenstein <jhott@engr.colostate> Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:43:33 -0700

From gti-vr6-owner@cobra.ccsi Tue Feb 16 11:56 CST 1999
From: Jonathan Hottenstein <jhott@engr.colostate>
To: gti-vr6@cobra.ccsi
Subject: [gti-vr6] Rough idle
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:47:47 -0700
Cc: gti-vr6-digest@cobra.ccsi
Organization: Colorado State University
For all you with a "rough idle"

I have had a rough idle for the last 1-2 months.  When I say rough I
mean that the idle fluctuated +-100rpm at idle, whether the engine was
warm or not.  In the middle of this I changed to Garrett ver.11, this
did not help.

I was not worried about it becuase it did not bother me, it wasn't such
a big deal.

Well, last weekend I decided to take a look at the filter and see how it
looked.  I took out the pre-screen and at least 50% of the surface area
was blocked.  I decided I would just remove it.  I know, I know you all
are saying I should have done this at the beginning, but I am very
careful about what I do.

So, I removed the screen and the rough idle is now gone.  Plus, the
throttle is just a bit smoother.  Please, I did not gain 2 hp with this,
it is just smoother.

If any of you have a "rough idle" please check the pre-screen before
anything else.  I bet this is the cause of most people's problems.

Have a nice day-

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From jhott@engr.colostate Wed Feb 17 09:43 CST 1999
From: Jonathan Hottenstein <jhott@engr.colostate>
To: Andy Nguyen <aqn@dev.tivoli>
Subject: Re: [gti-vr6] Rough idle
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:43:33 -0700
It is a 1997 and it has 25,000 miles.  I had not checked the air filter
or the screen for about 10,000 though.  Hope that helps.


Andy Nguyen wrote:
> Jonathan Hottenstein wrote:
> > For all you with a "rough idle"
> [...]
>   Jonathan,
>   Thanks for posting that info.  I would like to add it to the
>   library, but I need a bit more info.  What year is this car
>   (that had the rough idle), and how many miles does it have?
>   Thanks.
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