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Hella Raintronic Automatic Wiper System does not work!

From list-return-155-aqn=panix@gti-vr6 Wed Jun 6 09:49:52 2001
From: "Shant Hotoyan" <shotoyan@home>
To: "GTI VR6 List" <list@gti-vr6>
Subject: RE: [gti-vr6] Seats installed
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 09:50:15 -0400
It doesn't work very well.  When I installed it, it had a mind of it's own.
It's supposed to turn one when I switch on the intermittent wipers in the
car, and turn off in any other wiper setting, allowing the wipers to act
normally.  Well, it stayed on in all positions, and had a mind of it's own.
You would be driving along on a dry day and all of a sudden the wipers would
go crazy for 5 minutes, and then turn off again.  No reason behind this.
It's retarded.

Anyway, I've since removed the relay and the module from my car.  It's
sitting in a box in my garage.

Shant Hotoyan
95 Flash Red GTI VR6

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Sent:   Wednesday, June 06, 2001 9:39 AM
To:     Shant Hotoyan
Subject:        Re: [gti-vr6] Seats installed

Shant -

Got a question - on your web site you have listed as one of your
mods Hella Raintronic Automatic Wiper System, and the comment
"works like sh$&#".  Umm, is that a good sh$&# (it's great) or a
bad sh$&# (don't waste your money)?


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